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Custom-made trips

Having lived and worked as a journalist in three major international cities - Sao Paulo, New York and London - and being fluent in 5 languages, I believe I have an unique perspective on the nuances of different countries and cultures.

I have traveled extensively for decades, and I know that a perfect trip starts with choosing the right time of year to visit each destination, selecting the right itinerary, and carefully picking hotels, restaurants and reliable service providers.On top of that, to make a trip truly unforgettable, I believe that charm and special touches must be added to the mix, and only those who really know a destination in depth do that.

I always add that to the trips I design, be it for travel agencies, corporate or private clients. The result is always a one-of-a-kind itinerary, and to create them I use both my personal experience and an extensive network of personal contacts.

The knowledge and expertise I accumulated over many decades guarantee that those who demand the best - and nothing less - will be very satisfied.

Areas I serve: USA and Canada
Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
Western Europe - France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Portugal and the UK

What I offer: Itinerary tailored to clients’ requirements and interests
Best time of year to travel to the destination
Suggestions for hotels, restaurants and visits
Local history & culture
What to buy